Zivoke for Commerce Cloud Managed Services

Zivoke for Commerce Cloud Managed Services

Zivoke for Commerce Cloud Managed Services

As your Retail/E-commerce business grows, your technology landscape needs to adapt as well. Imagine using the same old legacy system which was in place when you were a few hundred employees lesser or churning less revenue. People administering it need to scale up as well. It could be a difficult ask for the existing team to scale up and become pros in new technology like Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Salesforce has been a constantly improving tool, trying to address all its users’ pain points. Say you are E-commerce or Retail business using multiple Salesforce products, it would leave you in a fix, wondering which move you should make next to maximize your investment’s value. Though Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an easy to use End-to-End management product for E-commerce/Retail, you would still need a Commerce Cloud specialist to exploit its features and customize it to suit your business needs.

You may think your problems are unique and only your in-house team has extensive experience to bear. With the amount of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation that we have done, it’s highly likely that we’ve dealt with the same issues before. Tapping into that know-how is extremely valuable.

Here are some reasons you want to hire a consulting firm like Zivoke rather than building an in-house team.

A whole new world of Salesforce Geeks
You have an in-house team of Salesforce Engineers with a mix of expertise in CRM, Commerce Cloud and other products. You only tap the skills of these resources, however, if you hire a Salesforce consulting firm like Zivoke, you’re inheriting hundreds of skills set across a large team of Commerce Cloud Certified experts, system admins, developers, business analysts, architects and program managers who’ve seen successful mega-scale projects.

Losing Talent to Competition
Imagine having coached your in-house consultants on your business process, Technical Landscape & Salesforce org for months to finally let him go to your competitor. All the time and effort you spent is now lost to your competition with Jazzy offices and free lunch. The Salesforce ecosystem is very competitive. If a new and better opportunity arises, a consultant will quickly jump ship for more competitive pay. This never happens with Zivoke. Enhanced user adoption ensures that you will never see knowledge failure again. The knowledge of your environment and process is spread across the wide talent pool and its associated managers.

Outside consultants often have inside information on future releases of Salesforce, which can impact solution architecture.

Long-term support
Technology Transformation is key. Understanding the depth of what the product has to offer and translating it to suit your business needs brings about better ROI. However, there is this second aspect – Operational Transformation; which is purely ongoing. From getting to know the vision of the company and how IT aligns with it, creating better workflows, automating processes, and reducing time on mundane tasks to introducing tools to make life easier for operations and creating faster approval processes. These differ from business to business. Transforming your organization is a journey, not a destination!

Zivoke is the partner that will not only deliver your initial Salesforce implementation but also support you in your efforts to continuously deliver excellence in E-commerce.

On-demand Support
Zivoke is more than just a Salesforce Commerce Cloud firm. We truly understand the Salesforce ecosystem, and how organizations can uniquely fit Billing, CLM, CRM, CPQ, and other solutions seamlessly.

You could select the best support model that works for you.

Support by the Hour: Facing an issue which needs to be acted upon immediately? Have a bespoke requirement? Quick Hourly billing model would be the best Fit.

Tickets based support: Integrate your billing tool with ours or route the tickets you want us to work on. Ticket based support would be the right fit.

Fixed Monthly support: This could be for Change Management to daily Administration. Besides, our Monthly Support could work out a lot lesser than a Permanent Hire.

Zivoke’s Managed Services group is a dedicated team of people who’d help you deliver continuous improvements to your organization. The team is structured so that you have constant support to solve new challenges in your business.

You will have multiple named resources with diverse skill sets, so you aren’t limited by vacations, turnover, or lack of knowledge in a particular area. This gives us the flexibility to support your team in any capacity on a long-term basis.