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Your Business Processes and Goals meet Industry Best Practice.
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Your Business is Unique and So is our Service. If You are
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Planning to Buy a CRM – Speak to the right set people before buying the Software. We are all ears! Get free consulting up to 4 hours.
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New to CRM, being a SME, you need help to get the maximum out of your Salesforce investment. We do exactly that – Talk to us!
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You already have the CRM in use, but it isn’t supporting your evolved Goals. We’ll have the right eyes look into it and get you back on track to make you grow even faster.
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You have a crazy idea? Well, we are crazy enough to build the App and brand it for you! And we’ll do it on any platform you choose like iOS, Android, Web or could just do all of them for you!

Go from Dream to Done

We get it right the first time by following these simple steps effectively for every request that comes our way
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We Listen
We listen to you and absorb all the information you provide. Every Business is unique, We try to get detailed requirements which could help customize to the right levels. We make recommendations based on what you say. Your input in the process is critical to the project and to its success.
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We Understand App environments & Business Goals
Our Technical Gurus and Industry Experts analyze your Application and Infrastructure Environment. Your Business Processes and Goals are understood and a Scalable Solution is then designed.
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salesforce consultant
We bring our technical expertise and industry experience. We question your needs, blend in the industry best practices and competitive intelligence.
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Client Satisfaction
91.2% of our customers are repeat customers. Only when your client’s goals become your own, the outcome is success.
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Top Salesforce Consultants

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My organization worked with Zivoke to help us better understand how we can use Salesforce for our needs. They were very accommodating to our (sometimes crazy) schedules, patient, and great at explaining the answers to our questions. Salesforce can be an overwhelming database to work with, and the guys at Zivoke helped us understand how to make Salesforce serve our needs. I would definitely recommend them!
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Milestone payments and Risk-Free Investment

In case you are not satisfied with the work done, you get your money back. Essentially making Zivoke services a risk-free investment.