What is the best CRM for startups?

What is the best CRM for startups?

What is the best CRM for startups?

Before we compare the best CRMs available in the market, let us first talk about your CRM requirements. The expected ROI you can get from investing in any given CRM is 771%, which is $8.71 for every $1 you spend.

The first question to answer is whether you are looking for a CRM to consolidate few Apps & spreadsheets, or you are a startup who wants to have a Startup CRM to streamline Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Process. If you fall under the former category,

Then head straight to If you fall under the latter category, read ahead.

It is important to understand which CRM will suit your Business Requirements. Being an SME, is this your first Sales Investment (or) are you looking to switch from Excel (or) did your previous Tool did not quite suit your needs. There are more than 200 well-known CRMs available in the market and the number only keeps increasing every day.

Things to Note

It is important to help save the time of your Sales Development Executives and Field Account Executives. Accenture survey says 59% of sales representatives use too many sales tools butonly 34.5% of their time is used forsales. Having said that, it is important to choose a CRM that provides all the tools in a single Web screen/Mobile App. It is best to pick a CRM that integrates Emails, Calls, Customer behavior Tracking and also Marketing Automation. See the comparison chart below on Best CRMs available from

If you have other in-house or cloud based applications like Payroll, Accounting, etc., then it is important to check if the CRM is compatible. At least the CRM should provide third-party platform that can integrate your systems to streamline your data organization.
Reporting –The ability to customize reports based on your unique data will showcase your wins, losses and opportunities for improvement. You may think your processes are effective, but your data may show you otherwise. While all the functionality of the CRM is nice, it is the products reporting capabilities that can really help you surpass your competition.
Organizations think of CRM as a ‘sales’ tool but all prospects start their relationship with a company via its marketing team. So, it needs to be viewed from both Sales & Marketing angle. Management needs to get feedback from the Sales Team regularly to understand what they need; by not knowing the Data and needs from your Sales Team could drastically tamper their selling routine.
Finally, Questions to ask while evaluating any CRM software
Does the CRM support your Industry?
Do they have success story in your Industry specifically?
Is it built for Small and Medium business?How easy is it to use? Can I easily train employees?
What is the total cost of the software? Are there any setup or additional fees? What if I need to add more users or integrations?
Is the API accessible?
What type of security features are built-in?
If you have these questions in mind, look no further. Get free consultation from us at We help you choose the right CRM for your Business needs.