Marketing Cloud Quickstart Solution

Improve your performance and get more out of your business software. Our team seamlessly integrates Salesforce with third-party Appexchange applications and other Enterprise applications.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We come at our Marketing Automation engagements from a marketing mindset, where we understand our clients marketing goals and configure Marketing Cloud for immediate success. We achieve this using various Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools; be it Journey Builder, Email Studio, Salesforce DMP, Data Studio, Social Studio, Datorama, Advertising Studio, Analytics Builder, Content Builder, Personalization Builder, Mobile Studio, Interaction Studio – we got it covered. We focus on quick wins first, followed by long term branding.

Salesforce Pardot Consulting & Implementation

Automated Lead Marketing helps you find and connect with the right Audience to build your brand. 

Zivoke’s Pardot Solution can take you the extra mile with Marketing Automation. We will align it with your Go to Market Strategies

How do we go about it?

We help our customers to customize, configure, and develop custom solutions for their business through the Salesforce Ecosystem. Having a vision and want to convert it into reality? Hire our certified expert Salesforce developers.

Requirement Gathering & Discovery

We will understand your Business Goals and Vision, match that with your current implementation to find the areas of improvement.

Implementation & Configuration

We will go through your Process and check the current Salesforce Configuration to find out Gaps. This would be documented to be flagged off with you; our Recommendations will be signed off to be implemented.

Business Intelligence Dashboards & Reports

We will find out areas of improvement by checking for features which are under utilized. We will then apply best practices on all areas including Data Management, Data Integrity, Duplicates Eradication.

End User Training & Implementation

Online Trainings on the new features or workarounds will be provided to End Users. Detailed Documentation with video recordings or Screen shots will be provided after the training.

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South African Federation for Mental Health

Stefanie Poô - Business Development Director

We enjoyed working with Zivoke, as they took both our need and available budget into consideration. The team is very quick to respond to questions and queries and is very helpful, even with questions beyond the project scope.

Ohio Foundation

Bill Spiker - President

The Zivoke team was responsive and knowledgeable. They cared about meeting our needs and were a pleasure to work with. They communicated the costs and scope accurately and we felt 100% satisfied. We would recommend them without hesitation and feel we now have a valuable Salesforce resource for future needs.

Tourism London

Karen Dowhan - Director of Conventions

Manjunath from Zivoke was very friendly and helpful on the first few minutes of my initial call. He made me feel that I was important and assured that he could help with my Salesforce exporting and answered all of my questions. He and his team provided excellent customer service and surpassed our expectations. There was a lot of manual importing that his team needed to do. I would highly recommend Zivoke.

Cheng & Tsui

Judy Campbell - Head of Sales & Marketing

We had an excellent experience working with Zivoke. The problem faced was inheriting a highly underutilized, poorly set up CRM and an untrained team doing their best to use a structure that did not reflect our sales process. Zivoke listened intently to our long list of needs, put forth a very detailed proposal responding to those needs. Then they worked with us to restructure SF in a more user-friendly and productive way, The training they offered was excellent and customized to our needs. I highly recommend them. 

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Question

Provides more insightful reporting Increases your organisations productivity Help you to get effortless access to data Automates workflows without any programming language.

Salesforce Integration Partner helps you to integrate into your internal system with a software that establishes and manages communication between your CRM and other internal application. One can contact Salesforce Integration Company to hire the partner for Salesforce integration.

Salesforce Integration Partners can help you to leverage the power of data on a single Salesforce platform which can be accessed via secured mobile devices for better user experience. Codleo as one of the best Salesforce integration partners delivers Salesforce Integration services to help you reduce cost and easily access, integrate and control information assets.

Any application that supports APIs can be integrated with Salesforce. With data residing in different formats under multiple locations and databases, it makes decision making difficult. Once all the apps and databases are integrated with Salesforce, it is easy to get a consolidated view under a single pane of glass.

Salesforce integration services involve connecting Salesforce with other applications and systems to enable seamless data exchange and streamlined workflow. These services ensure that data flows smoothly between Salesforce and other platforms, enhancing user experience and providing a unified view of information. Integration services can automate tasks, eliminate data silos, and improve overall efficiency within an organization.

Codleo, the best Salesforce Integration Partner can help you to integrate Salesforce CRM with the data existing on other cloud platforms, internal & external databases, application, software and also with third party systems and also ensure that the data is well synchronized according to the needs of your business systems and maintains the highest quality.

Mismatch of data & field types during Data Mapping Duplicate Records Auto-ID Creation Data Migration as data storage may vary Defining the Scope Precisely Promoting Bad Data Misinterpreting Real-Time Integration Data Rate Limits Identifying Accurate OOB Features/ Connectors Choosing Right Apps on AppExchange Data Validation Partial Decision Making Understanding Objects Relationship.

Zivoke provides dedicated warranty, post-integration support and maintenance to ensure your Salesforce solution runs smoothly. Our team offers timely bug fixes, system updates, and performance optimization. Additionally, we offer ongoing assistance, training, and guidance to help your team make the most of Salesforce and address any evolving needs. Your success is our priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Zivoke specializes in integrating Salesforce with legacy systems and older technology platforms. With our expertise, you will have seamless data exchange between Salesforce and your existing systems, ensuring a unified and efficient workflow. Whether it's mainframe systems or older databases, we can leverage integration tools and APIs to connect Salesforce with your legacy technology for optimal results.

Managing integration projects with legacy systems or on-premises applications involves thorough assessment, planning, and testing. Data migration, security, documentation, and scalability considerations are critical. Effective change management and vendor support also contribute to successful integration and long-term maintenance.

You are in Good Company! Most of our customers come through Reference or are Repeat customers.

We understand, only when your client’s goal become your own, the outcome is success.

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