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Salesforce Integration Service

Improve your performance and get more out of your business software. Our team seamlessly integrates Salesforce with third-party Appexchange applications and Enterprise applications.


Our Salesforce Integration Solution

Salesforce Integration is essential for organizations to access business-critical data across different platforms. Since most businesses operate with multiple software, it's imperative for them to synchronize and communicate with each other to maximize productivity. At Zivoke, we have a team of certified Salesforce developers and experts with extensive experience and a robust skillset. Our Salesforce Integration services include the integration of various platforms with Salesforce, along with the most functional third-party software solutions in a seamless manner.

MuleSoft is an Unified Platform for Integrating multiple apps and data sources with quick scalability, security, monitoring and analytics.

Using Dell Boomi for a comprehensive integration solution that is flexible, scalable, secure, and cost-effective when it comes to large volumes of data.

REST and SOAP APIs can be used for integrating Salesforce with other 3rd party solutions via XML / JSON.

Informatica provides flexible, scalable, secure, and easy to use Integrations with highest data quality and Governance

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Sales and Marketing Automation Integration

Efficient exchange of data between sales and marketing departments is crucial. If your marketing team uses tools like Marketo, Mailchimp, or something similar, we can assist you in integrating these tools with Salesforce. Integrating marketing automation can aid you in reaching out to cold leads or beginning lead nurturing in a new and automated way at every stage of the sales process.

Accounting Integration

Integrating Salesforce with accounting applications, such as QuickBooks and Xero, enables sharing of actual financial data with the sales department to help with real time access to financial data that is required to quote, etc. It also ensures that the data in Salesforce is always up-to-date. Accounting integration can enhance customer profiles, invoices, and transactions, while also improving estimates and providing more data-driven insights.

ERP Integration

Integration with key systems such as SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, and Salesforce is vital for synthesizing your front and back office operations, including HR and development. With integration, sales representatives can access real-time information on the status of client orders, inventory, shipments, and invoices. Additionally, having up-to-date sales data in the ERP system can help reduce inventory expenses and improve production planning.

Social Media Integration & Automation

Integrating and automating social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter can enhance customer engagement and provide a personalized customer experience. By effectively leveraging these top social media platforms, sales representatives can track customers' social activities and increase the visibility of their company on social channels.

Computer Telephony Integration

Our team can assist you in connecting various CTA and phone systems, such as Twilio, RingCentral, Phoneburner, and others, with Salesforce. By integrating computer telephony, you can boost sales and improve the quality and speed of service. We can also help to enhance incoming call routing, automate call recording and logging, and create KPI reports and dashboards.

Website & Ecommerce Integration

Our team can assist you in organizing integration with Salesforce web services and integrating Salesforce with websites, various lead forms, and eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and others. Integrating eCommerce with Salesforce enables our clients to create personalized marketing campaigns and customer portals, increase revenue per order, and enhance the overall customer experience..

Collaboration Apps Integration

Collaboration systems like Confluence, Slack, SharePoint, Office 365, and Gsuite are commonly utilized to store company files, documents, emails, and other data. Our team assists companies in overcoming integration risks, such as downtime or data duplication, and offers flexible solutions for employee collaboration within the company..

Calendar & Email Integration

Syncing contacts and meetings between Salesforce and third-party calendars like Google or Microsoft Calendar can significantly increase staff productivity and help them perform daily tasks more efficiently. Salesforce Inbox as an add-on can be used for better integration and seamless tagging of emails with multiple contacts / Opportunity directly from Gmail or Outlook.

IT Service Management Integration

Our team connects the service tech support team, who uses JIRA Service Desk, Zendesk, Freshservice, ServiceNow, and other similar tools, to the front-office through Salesforce. Integrating IT Service Management improves the customer experience and collaboration between tech, service, and sales teams.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Provides more insightful reporting
  • Increases your organisations productivity
  • Help you to get effortless access to data
  • Automates workflows without any programming language

Salesforce Integration Partner helps you to integrate into your internal system with a software that establishes and manages communication between your CRM and other internal application. One can contact Salesforce Integration Company to hire the partner for Salesforce integration.

 Salesforce Integration Partners can help you to leverage the power of data on a single Salesforce platform which can be accessed via secured mobile devices for better user experience. Codleo as one of the best Salesforce integration partners delivers Salesforce Integration services to help you reduce cost and easily access, integrate and control information assets.

Codleo, the best Salesforce Integration Partner can help you to integrate Salesforce CRM with the data existing on other cloud platforms, internal & external databases, application, software and also with third party systems and also ensure that the data is well synchronized according to the needs of your business systems and maintains the highest quality.

A Salesforce Integration Partner can help you with the following challenges:

  • Mismatch of data & field types during Data Mapping
  • Duplicate Records
  • Auto-ID Creation
  • Data Migration as data storage may vary
  • Defining the Scope Precisely
  • Promoting Bad Data
  • Misinterpreting Real-Time Integration
  • Data Rate Limits
  • Identifying Accurate OOB Features/ Connectors
  • Choosing Right Apps on AppExchange
  • Data Validation
  • Partial Decision Making
  • Understanding Objects Relationship