Salesforce Implementation Service

Strategy and Planning: Zivoke’s experienced team of Salesforce consultants discover and understand your business processes and objectives. 

Customization and Development: Our Salesforce developers then customize and develop a Salesforce platform that perfectly aligns with your business needs.     

Post Implementation Support: Zivoke’s highest priority is supporting its customers post implementation to ensure Salesforce investment gains maximum ROI.

Our Clients

Salesforce Implementation Service

The Power of data along with cloud based solutions to help optimize processes in every step. With Zivoke’s Implementation framework, deep insights and Monitoring are available at finger tips.

Sales Cloud Implementation

Zivoke's Salesforce sales cloud implementation helps your Sales Teams to have better Lead Generation, Nurturing and conversions. Automation of business workflows along with Industry Best Practices to help growth.

Marketing Cloud Implementation

We come at our Marketing Automation engagements from a marketing mindset, where we understand your marketing goals and configure Marketing Cloud for immediate success.

Service Cloud Implementation

With our Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, your customer support team can function more efficiently, providing end-users with a seamless customer experience.

Salesforce Customization

At Zivoke, we specialize in Salesforce customization services aimed at unwrapping the full potential of Salesforce for businesses. Whether you require a tailored solution or a Salesforce Quick-start setup, our Certified Consultants collaborate closely with your teams to deliver desired outcomes efficiently, all while adhering to fair scopes and budgets, guaranteeing success.


Salesforce CPQ

By implementing Salesforce CPQ, you can ensure accurate pricing for every product variant and enable your sales team to quote prices swiftly and accurately on any device. Works efficiently with complex pricing structure and products, across different teams in various Geographies. You can also build both Subscription or Perpetual based models.

Top 5 Benefits of Implementing
Salesforce CRM

1. Boost Sales Effectiveness

Empower your ever robust sales team that are always on the go. Our Salesforce Consultants seamlessly automate their daily workflow from lead generation to closure. With detailed progress tracking, forecasts, and sales insights, sales growth becomes a natural outcome. Zivoke being a certified Salesforce partner, specializes in Salesforce Implementations that help optimize sales processes for enhanced performance.

2. Eliminate Missed Opportunities

Being a Top Salesforce Partner, we help bid farewell to missed opportunities as leads are systematically scored, and all customer interactions are transparently recorded. Our expertise as a Salesforce managed support provider ensures a streamlined approach to identifying and pursuing valuable prospects.

3. Streamline Information Access

Being the expert on Salesforce Development and Salesforce Integration, team Zivoke helps eliminate the days spent on chasing forecasts, opportunities, and progress reports. With the click of a button, generate detailed reports instantly, allowing sales managers to refocus on critical tasks. Our Salesforce managed support services tailored by best in class Salesforce consultants helps streamline information month on month.

4. Empower Managers and Reps with Structured Workflows

Zivoke’s Salesforce consultants help standardize your sales approach, from prospecting and qualification to needs analysis, proposal, negotiation, and closure. Our certified Salesforce Developers ensures that everyone, from seasoned professionals to junior sales force persons, follows a unified playbook, fostering consistent success. Successful Salesforce Implementation means users at every layer have what they need.

5. Tailor Salesforce to Your Priorities

Leverage the unparalleled customizability of Salesforce Automation to align with your unique business objectives. Zivoke, your certified Salesforce partner, is dedicated to understanding your business intricacies and providing personalized Salesforce Implementation and Salesforce Consulting to onboard services to shape efficiency across different teams.

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Why Zivoke

Efficiently manage sales and service inquiries while simultaneously creating additional opportunities through the expertise of Zivoke, your Salesforce implementation consultant. Foster trust by giving precedence to service objectives, achieving quicker resolution times, and amplifying customer loyalty.

As your dedicated partner for Salesforce implementation, we stand ready to support your organizational requirements and discover the optimal solution. Zivoke’s strong team of Salesforce implementation specialists will maximize the potential of your Salesforce implementation journey, enhancing efficiency and fostering growth.

Our adept Salesforce professionals guarantee smooth user adoption of Salesforce products, backed by comprehensive post-implementation support.

Best Practices We Follow For Salesforce Implementation

Zivoke adheres to Salesforce’s recommended best practices for implementation, driven by our purpose-led approach and close partnership with Salesforce.

Client Testimonials

South African Federation for Mental Health

Stefanie Poô - Business Development Director

We enjoyed working with Zivoke, as they took both our need and available budget into consideration. The team is very quick to respond to questions and queries and is very helpful, even with questions beyond the project scope.

Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges

Bill Spiker - President

The Zivoke team was responsive and knowledgeable. They cared about meeting our needs and were a pleasure to work with. They communicated the costs and scope accurately and we felt 100% satisfied. We would recommend them without hesitation and feel we now have a valuable Salesforce resource for future needs.

Tourism London

Karen Dowhan - Director of Conventions

Manjunath from Zivoke was very friendly and helpful on the first few minutes of my initial call. He made me feel that I was important and assured that he could help with my Salesforce exporting and answered all of my questions. He and his team provided excellent customer service and surpassed our expectations. There was a lot of manual importing that his team needed to do. I would highly recommend Zivoke.

Cheng & Tsui

Judy Campbell - Head of Sales & Marketing

We had an excellent experience working with Zivoke. The problem faced was inheriting a highly underutilized, poorly set up CRM and an untrained team doing their best to use a structure that did not reflect our sales process. Zivoke listened intently to our long list of needs, put forth a very detailed proposal responding to those needs. Then they worked with us to restructure SF in a more user-friendly and productive way, The training they offered was excellent and customized to our needs. I highly recommend them. 

Frequently Asked Question

Salesforce implementation services include consulting, configuration, customization, migration, integration, and support. By utilizing all these Salesforce implementation services, you can increase your business’ sales and ROI (return on investment). These services from Zivoke can help you provide an unequaled experience that are beneficial for your business.

Being a Small and Medium Enterprise, below are the key things you'd need to look at when you choose the Best Salesforce Partner. 1) Location 2) Reviews 3) Industry Knowledge 4) Response Time 5) Customer Satisfaction rates 6) Reference from existing customers. A Salesforce Partner with in-depth Industry Domain Knowledge and proven track record, with teams that are closer to your location would be ideal. Talk to their existing customers to understand how responsive they would be to your queries. Keep in mind that Post Implementation Support / Warranty Support is equally important. So Understand how flexible their Salesforce Managed Support model is. It is best to have the same Partner who implemented Salesforce to continue supporting your team post go-live.

Yes, Zivoke maximizes Salesforce Integration capabilities by using APIs, Middleware and 3rd party connectors, allowing seamless integration with existing systems and databases. This enables businesses to leverage their existing investments while maximizing the power of Salesforce for improved efficiency, data consistency and online synchronization.

Though most Salesforce Implementations go as per plan, there could be few that face the heat. (1) Data Cleanup might take much longer than estimated. Importing data into Salesforce or migrating via sync between 3rd party apps are fairly straight forward, there could be issues with cleaning up the existing data, setting it up with right formatting etc. (2) Integration with other 3rd party apps could be difficult as not all the apps provide good API documentation and support. (3) Scope creep. Both Customer and Salesforce Implementation partner need to have clear understanding of the scope. Sticking to the scope and timelines play an importing role in the success of the project. (4) Stake holders absence during implementation. It is imperative to have all the required stake holders availble throughout the tenure of the project to provide necessary information and collaborate seamlessly.

Zivoke offers comprehensive training tailored to your team's needs. Our training programs cover Salesforce usage, customization, and best practices. We customize Trainings based on Hierarchy's in the same organization. Additionally, we provide ongoing support through documentation, knowledge base, and responsive customer support channels to ensure a smooth transition and continued success with Salesforce.

Salesforce implementation consultants who come with immense Industry knowledge, try to understand the current Business Processes and Pain Points. Based on which they design the end state architecture of your Salesforce system. This system then gets developed for use. Though the Salesforce Implementation framework would be similar for all projects, the tasks, milestones and methodology would differ between projects based on the complexity.

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