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Zivoke specializes in developing cutting-edge, custom-built applications that help you unlock the full potential of your Salesforce platform.

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Salesforce Development Services

We help our customers to customize, configure, and develop custom solutions for their business through the Salesforce Ecosystem. Having a vision and want to convert it into reality? Hire our certified expert Salesforce developers.


Salesforce custom development

We specialize in developing custom Salesforce applications tailored to your business roadmap and specific requirements, using Salesforce App Cloud as our platform. Our services include creating triggers, process-builder workflows, and fully customized functionality development.


Salesforce integration

Applying Salesforce integration best practices, our certified developers assist in integrating Salesforce with various third-party applications such as ERP systems, cloud storage tools, marketing automation software, payment solutions, call center systems, and workflow management software, among others..


Salesforce package development

From requirements analysis to publishing an app on AppExchange, our team of Salesforce experts offer full-service development for managed and unmanaged application packages. Whether it is building from scratch or improving existing products, we apply high security and proper data encryption throughout the entire development process.

Client Testimonials

South African Federation for Mental Health

Stefanie Poô - Business Development Director

We enjoyed working with Zivoke, as they took both our need and available budget into consideration. The team is very quick to respond to questions and queries and is very helpful, even with questions beyond the project scope.

Ohio Foundation

Bill Spiker - President

The Zivoke team was responsive and knowledgeable. They cared about meeting our needs and were a pleasure to work with. They communicated the costs and scope accurately and we felt 100% satisfied. We would recommend them without hesitation and feel we now have a valuable Salesforce resource for future needs.

Tourism London

Karen Dowhan - Director of Conventions

Manjunath from Zivoke was very friendly and helpful on the first few minutes of my initial call. He made me feel that I was important and assured that he could help with my Salesforce exporting and answered all of my questions. He and his team provided excellent customer service and surpassed our expectations. There was a lot of manual importing that his team needed to do. I would highly recommend Zivoke.

Cheng & Tsui

Judy Campbell - Head of Sales & Marketing

We had an excellent experience working with Zivoke. The problem faced was inheriting a highly underutilized, poorly set up CRM and an untrained team doing their best to use a structure that did not reflect our sales process. Zivoke listened intently to our long list of needs, put forth a very detailed proposal responding to those needs. Then they worked with us to restructure SF in a more user-friendly and productive way, The training they offered was excellent and customized to our needs. I highly recommend them. 

Benefits of Salesforce Development Services

Salesforce has evolved far beyond being just CRM. It is a leading application platform that automates the end to end workflows and processes along with data to make everything seamless that runs a business.

build your business on a secure, robust, and highly scalable platform with a perfect solution that is tailored just for you. .

With easy customizations and developments, increase your profitability reducing cost and saving time with an efficient Salesforce Development service. .

Boost up your team’s productivity with coherent workflow customization.

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Why Zivoke

Efficiently manage sales and service inquiries while simultaneously creating additional opportunities through the expertise of Zivoke, your Salesforce implementation consultant. Foster trust by giving precedence to service objectives, achieving quicker resolution times, and amplifying customer loyalty.

As your dedicated partner for Salesforce implementation, we stand ready to support your organizational requirements and discover the optimal solution. Zivoke’s strong team of Salesforce implementation specialists will maximize the potential of your Salesforce implementation journey, enhancing efficiency and fostering growth.

Our adept Salesforce professionals guarantee smooth user adoption of Salesforce products, backed by comprehensive post-implementation support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zivoke's Salesforce development services offer customization, efficiency improvements and automations. Empowering businesses with valuable data insights and enhanced customer relationships, with mobile accessibility, robust security, and faster time-to-market. Zivoke helps businesses stay innovative and competitive in their industry.

Zivoke's Salesforce development framework follows strict security protocols, ensuring a high level of data protection. Measures include encrypted connections (VPNs, SSL/TLS), role-based access control, and multi-factor authentication. On the other hand, Salesforce also complies with industry standards like GDPR and SOC 2, conducting regular security audits and maintaining data backups for added resilience.

It's very similar to building applications on any other platforms. Entire Sofware development lifecycle applies to Salesforce development as well. Starts with Planning, followed by Designing, Implementing, Testing and Deployment. Salesforce doesn't provide full access to its backend Database, need to keep this in mind while designing the Application architecture.

Since every business is different, its sales processes and customer support processes also vary. We can custom build any non standard features using Salesforce development platform - APEX, VisualForce and Lighting Web Components.

Check for the consistency and the recency of the reviews to determine the company's working patterns. Your salesforce consulting firm should have an expertise in your business domain to understand the pain points of your business. With a strong domain expertise, your business can gain more automation.

The timeline for a Salesforce development project varies based on its complexity and scope. Smaller projects may take a few weeks, while larger implementations could span several months. Zivoke's project management and development frameworks include customization needs, integration requirements, data migration, and testing phases to ensure a successful deployment. Regular communication with the development team helps manage expectations and stay on track.

Team Zivoke has extensive experience in Salesforce development, backed by a seasoned team with a proven track record of success. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of projects spanning industries such as Professional Services, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Hi-Tech. From customizing Salesforce solutions to integrating third-party systems and implementing automation, we've consistently delivered innovative solutions that drive business growth. We can completed extremely complex projects with strict timeframes cutting across multiple geos. We would be more than happy to put you across to any of our existing customers for a reference call.

Salesforce Lightning Components can be used to build both simple customizations to entire stand-alone applications on Salesforce. Since the Lightning Web Component (LWC) framework is a UI framework for developing single-page web apps for mobile and desktop devices, LWC has a smaller runtime footprint, faster rendering, and optimized event handling, leading to improved overall performance.

Salesforce is a highly flexible platform that can be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries and businesses of varying sizes. Salesforce can scale up with Business size, adhere to regulations including data security and privacy, can build multiple applications on a single platform, get the best of Salesforce consultants like Zivoke to help with custom development.

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