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If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time for a diagnosis.

1. Are you seeing a lot of duplicates in your Salesforce data?
2. Your Reports and Dashboards don't make sense?
3. Teams don't follow a set process?
4. End Users see data that don't pertain to them?
5. You don't get a 360-degree view of your teams' activities?
6. Multiple team members mistakenly trying to sell to the same account?
7. Do you find yourself dealing with recurrent problems?

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What Can You Expect with a Zivoke Audit?

Zivoke evaluates your current Salesforce setup, identifies gaps & inefficiencies and provides actionable recommendations using a low-hanging fruit model. Critical gaps and errors will be pointed out for urgent resolution.

An audit is beneficial when

  • Salesforce is not delivering the same results as before.
  • You’re planning growth and want to ensure Salesforce can support it.
  • Data doesn’t seamlessly get consumed by different teams.
  • Every team member use Salesforce differently.
  • Making improvements is difficult or causes new issues.
  • Page load times are excessively slow.
  • Your business has changed, and your current Salesforce setup no longer fits your needs.
  • You lack the time and resources to identify the root causes of your Salesforce issues.

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Step-by-step process involved in Salesforce Audit

Every Salesforce org is unique, custom-built with workflows and automations. It is advisable to have a proven Salesforce consultant handle the initial implementation to ensure the org is future-ready, following industry best practices. However, as organizations and their processes evolve, there comes a time when reassessing the Salesforce org becomes necessary.

Health Evaluation

Our examination of your Salesforce instance assesses its overall health and security, such as duplication of data, mandatory usage of fields, Validation rules, Approval processes, user access, compliance and data security.

Improved Insight

We enhance your understanding of Salesforce by providing tailored reports that furnish metrics related to Teams' activities, KPI's, Forecasting, Trends analysis, user adoption, performance, security and monitoring.

Thorough Investigation

We delve into your enterprise, collecting vital Salesforce details through interviews and data gathering. Understanding Business processes, Gaps & pain points from different teams & stake holders.

Quick Resolutions

Zivoke would offer a Low Hanging fruit model as the output of our evaluation. Critical gaps and errors will be pointed out for Quick Resolutions. Other practical remedies for performance concerns, process deficiencies and impediments follow next.

Streamlined Workflows

We integrate industry best practices and propose methods to harmonize Salesforce with your business procedures, outlining enhancements, suggesting automation and refining user interfaces.

In-Depth Discoveries

We record observations and prioritize solutions based on impact and severity. Zivoke may create reports to determine the exact output of information. End users, management, and executive members are consulted to identify gaps.

More details into Zivoke's Salesforce audit

Zivoke’s Gap Analysis process is to make sure Salesforce is exploited and taken advantage to the maximum potential.

Requirement Gathering & Discovery

We will understand your Business Goals and Vision, match that with your current implementation to find the areas of improvement.

Implementation & Configuration

We will go through your Process and check the current Salesforce Configuration to find out Gaps. This would be documented to be flagged off with you, Our Recommendations will be signed off to be implemented.

Business Intelligence Dashboards & Reports

We will find out areas of improvement by checking for features which are under utilized. We will then apply best practices on all areas including Data Management, Data Integrity, Duplicates Eradication.

End User Training & Implementation Documentation

Online Trainings on the new features or workarounds will be provided to End Users. Detailed Documentation with video recordings or Screen shots will be provided after the training.

Frequently Asked Question

A Salesforce Audit proves advantageous when facing obstacles like diminished efficiency, limited user adoption, data model complications, security apprehensions, or scalability constraints within your Salesforce instance. It also holds value if you aim to enhance your Salesforce processes or realign them with evolving business requirements but are uncertain about where to begin.

Although performing a Salesforce Audit internally is an option, it typically demands specialized expertise and a substantial commitment of time and resources. Enlisting the services of specialists such as Zivoke can yield more comprehensive and efficient results, preserving your valuable time and ensuring a thorough assessment.

The expense associated with a Salesforce Audit may fluctuate based on factors such as the extent of analysis, the intricacy of your Salesforce instance and the audit's scope. Feel free to contact our team to receive a personalized quote tailored to your unique needs.

The Salesforce Audit report comes with a comprehensive overview of observations, suggestions for enhancements, a plan for implementation and estimated costs. It furnishes insights into the current state and future possibilities of your Salesforce instance, along with the necessary steps for optimization.

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