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Empower your Marketing Team with Pardot.

Measure and Track Campaign Performance in an Easy to Use Interface

Intelligent Lead Nurturing that Caters to Your Audience

Analyzing business processes and goals via Pardot functionality to identify improvements.

Email Deliverability Checkup and Verifying DKIM, domain tracking, and Salesforce Connector implementations for optimal email delivery.

Form Implementation by Reviewing forms, layouts, and progressive profiling for effectiveness and enhancements.

Intuitive Email Marketing Sends the Right Message at the Right Time

Create and Deploy Online Marketing Campaigns

Evaluation of Lead Scoring to reflect buying potential accurately.

Review of Segmented Customer Lists: Verifying list relevance and suggesting updates as necessary.

Prevent data breaches by Confirming adherence to opt-out processes, GDPR, and industry regulations.

  • Mobile Design

Marketing Cloud - Account Management (Pardot) Implementation Services

Zivoke offers affordable Quickstart, Audit & Managed services packages that are designed to help you successfully implement and adopt Salesforce and Pardot offerings (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement). Digital Marketing is the need of the hour. Zivoke's Pardot Solution can take you the extra mile with Marketing Automation. Zivoke's Pardot specialists will help align with your Go to Market Strategies.
Marketing Automation Setup & Strategy

Harness Account Management's advanced automation capabilities, resulting in improved engagement and higher conversion rate.

Email Templates, Web forms and Landing page

Multiple Email Templates, Web forms and Landing pages would be created for various marketing initiatives.

Pardot Technical Setup & CRM integration

Integrated systems result in Unified view, in turn helping with personalized marketing campaigns and valuable insights.

Market Channeling, Response Rates Tracking

Best practices and expert consultant’s strategic guidance would be used for Nurturing and monitoring responses.

Pardot Services We Provide

For New Salesforce and Pardot Users – Zivoke will implement Pardot and seamlessly integrate it with Salesforce, enhancing your email marketing and marketing automation capabilities. Our focus is on generating consistent, high-quality leads through optimized landing pages, forms, and social media integrations.

For Current Salesforce and Pardot Users – Zivoke’s team is equipped to identify and address any gaps in your Pardot functionality. We troubleshoot and enhance your existing Pardot setup, ensuring seamless connectivity and maximizing the potential of built-in features through customized configurations and optimizations.

Pardot Planning and Strategy

We'll run a detail discovery session with all the stakeholders from your team to help define your requirements and kickstart the process with confidence. Leveraging our extensive experience in Pardot enablement and best practices, we'll provide insights into the full scope of marketing efforts our team can undertake for you.

Pardot Assessment and Audits

We'll scrutinize your CRM connector setup and error logs to craft a actionable roadmap aligned with your organization's objectives. Our deep-dive evaluation of Pardot components, such as emails, landing pages, forms, drip campaigns, and reporting functions, will ensure thorough analysis. Additionally, our consultants will assess how your sales team interacts with marketing initiatives.

Pardot Set Up and Launch

For new Pardot users, team Zivoke offers assistance with essential implementation tasks. From enabling lead qualification, grading, and deduplication to establishing management processes, prospect activity tracking, and real-time alerts, we'll guide you through each step. Our services extend to email campaign segmentation, dynamic list creation, and content development.


Pardot and Salesforce Integration

Unlock the full potential of Pardot beyond standard automation by seamlessly integrating all your systems. Our team of Pardot experts will customize and optimize processes within Pardot to ensure optimal results. We'll connect all your systems and configure integrations to ensure smooth operation.

Pardot Managed Services and Technical Support

Team Zivoke agrees on SLAs for response and resolution. Ensuring that you get a highly responsive Pardot Managed Support. So, your marketing automation operates smoothly and efficiently. Our team provides ongoing management, monitoring, and optimization of Pardot instances, addressing any technical issues promptly. This also includes custom solutions to fit your business needs and enhanced system performance.

Pardot Training

Our approach involves working closely with your teams to empower them as subject matter experts in your Pardot solution. Through personalized training tailored to your specific needs, we'll educate your team on setting up automation rules and forms, ensuring that your marketing automation progresses smoothly.

Our Clients

Approach to Overcoming Challenges

Discovery and Requirement Analysis

Our experts understand your business goals and requirements for Pardot implementation through a detailed discovery phase to identify challenges and pain points and then set key objectives.

Customized Solution Design

Our team designs a tailored solution, including mapping lead management processes, scoring models, automation workflows and content strategies aligned with your target audience.

Data Integration and Migration

Our consultants integrate Pardot with your CRM and perform accurate data migration, mapping data fields and setting up synchronizations for a unified view of customer information.

Training and User Adoption

Zivoke's Pardot Trainers empower marketing and sales teams to utilize Pardot effectively for campaign creation, lead management, content personalization and reporting.

Client Testimonials

South African Federation for Mental Health

Stefanie Poô - Business Development Director

We enjoyed working with Zivoke, as they took both our need and available budget into consideration. The team is very quick to respond to questions and queries and is very helpful, even with questions beyond the project scope.

Ohio Foundation

Bill Spiker - President

The Zivoke team was responsive and knowledgeable. They cared about meeting our needs and were a pleasure to work with. They communicated the costs and scope accurately and we felt 100% satisfied. We would recommend them without hesitation and feel we now have a valuable Salesforce resource for future needs.

Tourism London

Karen Dowhan - Director of Conventions

Manjunath from Zivoke was very friendly and helpful on the first few minutes of my initial call. He made me feel that I was important and assured that he could help with my Salesforce exporting and answered all of my questions. He and his team provided excellent customer service and surpassed our expectations. There was a lot of manual importing that his team needed to do. I would highly recommend Zivoke.

Cheng & Tsui

Judy Campbell - Head of Sales & Marketing

We had an excellent experience working with Zivoke. The problem faced was inheriting a highly underutilized, poorly set up CRM and an untrained team doing their best to use a structure that did not reflect our sales process. Zivoke listened intently to our long list of needs, put forth a very detailed proposal responding to those needs. Then they worked with us to restructure SF in a more user-friendly and productive way, The training they offered was excellent and customized to our needs. I highly recommend them. 

Frequently Asked Question

Previously known as Pardot, now a module in Marketing Cloud called Account Engagement. Team Zivoke would understand the vision which the Marketing Team has and what they want to achieve with this platform. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement implementation involves setting Email Campaigns, Landing pages, building journeys, integrating with website (in most cases), setting up Lead forms and establishing tracking and reporting mechanisms. Pardot aka Marketing Cloud Account Engagement implementation aims to enhance marketing efforts by automating tasks, nurturing leads, and measuring campaign effectiveness for better engagement and conversion.

Pardot integration with Salesforce enhances the customer view by syncing marketing and sales data. It provides insights into leads' behavior, engagement, and interactions, allowing for more informed and personalized interactions, improved lead nurturing, and streamlined sales processes, ultimately leading to a more comprehensive understanding of customer preferences and needs.

Segmentation and personalization are pivotal in successful Pardot implementation as they allow businesses to tailor marketing content and outreach to specific audience segments. This increases engagement and relevance, leading to higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction. Segmenting leads and personalizing communications based on their interests, behavior, and demographics enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and drive better results.

Challenges during Pardot implementation can include data migration issues, integration complexities, and aligning marketing processes. These challenges are typically addressed by thorough planning, data mapping, collaboration with IT teams for integrations, and training for staff to ensure a smooth transition. Regular monitoring and optimization help fine-tune the implementation over time.

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