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Accelerate growth with our solutions that solve the unique challenges in Consumer Goods manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Using AI powered Business Intelligence get the right insight and predictive trends.

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FMCG Transformation in a Nutshell

Almost an ERP for FMCG: Ready to deploy tools help provide a comprehensive view of production, inventory, and sales data, making it easier to forecast demand.

Power of data along with cloud based solutions to help optimze processes in every step. Deep insights and Monitoring are available at finger tips to ensure maximum resource utilization

Maximize Supply chain visibility

By identifying the right pain points and having effective collaboration with suppliers and service partners, with the help of Zivoke's FMCG experts, improve Supply chain visibility.

Advanced Analytics

With our deep industry expertise along with the power of data, tech, and AI we help you with decision making processes.

Competition Analysis with Micro-details

Know every step of your competitors and operating markets with the help of our ready to deploy frameworks.

Inventory Management

Efficiently manage your inventory with Zivoke's robust solutions. From tracking stock levels to optimizing storage, we help you streamline processes and minimize costs.

Production planning

End to end process of planning the production in advance for the manufacturing process and controlling the raw materials in the inventory needed for producing finished goods is seamlessly done with Zivoke's FMCG solution built on Salesforce.

Centralized Expense tracking

Accurate and timely financial data including income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement can be tracked. Expenses tracking from sourcing Raw materials, Manufacturing cost, distribution & logistics costs, Marketing & advertising costs across geos can be tracked in the centralized tools.


Salesforce empowers FMCG manufacturers with customer insights for personalized marketing and enhanced engagement. Its mobile features enable sales teams to access data anywhere, boosting productivity. Overall, Salesforce equips FMCG manufacturers with tools for efficient customer relationship management and sales processes, ensuring competitiveness in their industry.

Supply Chain

With Salesforce, FMCG companies streamline supply chain processes by integrating data, automating workflows, and optimizing inventory management. It enhances communication among suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors, ensuring efficient collaboration. Real-time data and reporting offer better visibility and enable swift responses to market changes.


With Salesforce, FMCG companies harness data insights to understand customer preferences and behavior. It tracks sales, analyzes interactions, and monitors social sentiment to uncover trends. Custom reports offer real-time visibility into KPIs like sales growth and inventory levels. AI capabilities analyze data swiftly for actionable insights, empowering companies to make informed decisions and adapt strategies effectively.


South African Federation for Mental Health

Stefanie Poô - Business Development Director

We enjoyed working with Zivoke, as they took both our need and available budget into consideration. The team is very quick to respond to questions and queries and is very helpful, even with questions beyond the project scope.

Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges

Bill Spiker - President

The Zivoke team was responsive and knowledgeable. They cared about meeting our needs and were a pleasure to work with. They communicated the costs and scope accurately and we felt 100% satisfied. We would recommend them without hesitation and feel we now have a valuable Salesforce resource for future needs.

Tourism London

Karen Dowhan - Director of Conventions

Manjunath from Zivoke was very friendly and helpful on the first few minutes of my initial call. He made me feel that I was important and assured that he could help with my Salesforce exporting and answered all of my questions. He and his team provided excellent customer service and surpassed our expectations. There was a lot of manual importing that his team needed to do. I would highly recommend Zivoke.

Cheng & Tsui

Judy Campbell - Head of Sales & Marketing

We had an excellent experience working with Zivoke. The problem faced was inheriting a highly underutilized, poorly set up CRM and an untrained team doing their best to use a structure that did not reflect our sales process. Zivoke listened intently to our long list of needs, put forth a very detailed proposal responding to those needs. Then they worked with us to restructure SF in a more user-friendly and productive way, The training they offered was excellent and customized to our needs. I highly recommend them. 


Challenges addressed

Our Cloud based solution helps in analyzing large volumes of data, helps tracking sales, inventory and production in real-time. Thus forecasting accurate demands.

Compliance with regulations: Our Tools and Frameworks help to comply with industry standards and regulations related to data privacy, traceability, and food safety.

Our Supply Chain optimization framework can help optimize transport and inventory to help supply of products that have a relatively short shelf life, which can make it difficult to manage inventory and forecast demand.

Why Zivoke

Efficiently manage sales and service inquiries while simultaneously creating additional opportunities through the expertise of Zivoke, your Salesforce implementation consultant. Foster trust by giving precedence to service objectives, achieving quicker resolution times, and amplifying customer loyalty.

As your dedicated partner for Salesforce implementation, we stand ready to support your organizational requirements and discover the optimal solution. Zivoke’s strong team of Salesforce implementation specialists will maximize the potential of your Salesforce implementation journey, enhancing efficiency and fostering growth.

Our adept Salesforce professionals guarantee smooth user adoption of Salesforce products, backed by comprehensive post-implementation support.

Frequently Asked Question

Zivoke has pre-built (1) Accelerators and (2) defined FMCG transformation business processes which helps to conduct in-depth assessments of current processes and systems, identifying pain points and opportunities. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we implement customized solutions to optimize supply chain, inventory management, sales, and marketing operations. Throughout the process, we prioritize seamless integration, data security, and comprehensive training to empower FMCG businesses for sustainable growth.

Salesforce offers real-time data analytics for FMCG performance monitoring. With its robust reporting and dashboard capabilities, FMCG companies can access up-to-date insights on sales, marketing, inventory, and customer behavior. Real-time data enables quick decision-making, identifies trends, and empowers businesses to adapt strategies swiftly, ensuring optimal performance and growth in the competitive FMCG market.

All the Industries use Salesforce. Quick stats below - Professional services: 29% of Salesforce customers are in professional services, including lawyers, advertising professionals, architects, and accountants Manufacturing: 11.1% of Salesforce customers are in manufacturing Financial and banking services: 9.8% of Salesforce customers are in financial and banking services Retail: 7.8% of Salesforce customers are in retail Healthcare: Healthcare service providers can use Salesforce to organize patient data Either every section in this should start from the new line.. Or.. You need to add a full stop and use upper case for the first letter..

Our pre-built "FMCG Accelerator" can be deployed in Salesforce to quickly get you upto speed with Inventory and Supply Chain management. Zivoke having worked with small to large FMCG organizations, team Zivoke has developed the "FMCG Accelerator" with robust features and workflows. Gets you onboard quickly to efficiently manage FMCG inventory & supply chain functionalities, tracking stock levels, monitor product movements, and optimize replenishment processes. The platform offers real-time visibility into inventory data, facilitating better demand forecasting, order management, and overall supply chain efficiency for FMCG companies.

Utilizing Salesforce's mobile capabilities for FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) field representatives offers benefits such as real-time access to customer data, order processing on-the-go, improved inventory management, and enhanced customer engagement. It empowers field reps to make data-driven decisions, optimize routes, and provide better service, ultimately driving sales growth and customer satisfaction.

Salesforce offers various customization options for FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) businesses, including: Custom Objects: Create custom data objects to track specific FMCG product information. Workflow Automation: Design workflows to automate sales processes, order management and inventory tracking. Custom Reports and Dashboards: Build tailored reports and dashboards to analyze sales, inventory and customer data. Mobile Apps: Develop custom mobile apps for field reps with relevant FMCG features. Integration: Integrate with ERP systems or external data sources for seamless data flow. These options allow FMCG businesses to adapt Salesforce to their unique requirements and workflows.

Zivoke customizes Salesforce to support FMCG order management and fulfillment processes by providing tools for order capture, tracking and automation. This allows for real-time order processing, inventory management and integration with distribution channels and streamlining the entire supply chain. Additionally, Salesforce offers insights into customer preferences and order history, enhancing customer service and optimizing inventory levels for FMCG products.

Zivoke helps FMCG companies with the help of reporting and analytics features in Salesforce such as: Custom Reports: Creating tailored reports to track sales, inventory, and distribution data. Dashboards: Visualizing key metrics and KPIs for quick insights into product performance and market trends. Forecasting: Utilizing predictive analytics to anticipate demand and plan inventory accordingly. AI-Powered Insights: Leveraging AI-driven insights to identify sales opportunities and customer preferences. These features empower FMCG companies to make data-driven decisions, optimize inventory levels and improve overall business performance.

Salesforce employs robust security measures to protect sensitive consumer and sales data, including: Role-Based Access Control: Assigning permissions based on roles and responsibilities to limit data access. Encryption: Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest to safeguard against unauthorized access. Two-Factor Authentication: Enhancing login security with multi-factor authentication. Audit Trails: Maintaining detailed logs of user activities for monitoring and compliance. IP Whitelisting: Restricting access to trusted IP addresses. Regular Security Updates: Salesforce continuously updates security protocols to address emerging threats. These measures ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data within Salesforce.

FMCG companies can leverage Salesforce's AI capabilities for predictive analytics by using features like Einstein Analytics. They can analyze historical sales data, market trends, and customer behavior to make accurate sales forecasts, optimize inventory levels, and plan marketing campaigns effectively. By harnessing AI-driven insights, FMCG businesses can make data-driven decisions, reduce operational costs, and improve overall sales and customer satisfaction.

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