Why Salesforce is the best CRM for Non-Profit Organization?

Is your Non-profit organization looking for a CRM to help increase donations? You might want to try out Salesforce before giving any other option a thought. Generally, Salesforce is looked upon as a product/tool for businesses looking for simpler, transparent and profit oriented solutions. But Salesforce provides Non-profit organizations with multiple options

Salesforce has created two products specifically for the use of a non-profit organization. Also, Salesforce gives any non-profit organizations first 10 user licenses free of cost. Beyond which, there are discounts sometimes as heavy as 80% given to a non-profit organization.

So is a CRM profitable for a non-profit organization?
With the help of sales cloud the sales teams can improve sales and increase profit margins by targeting the right lead, chasing right deals, converting contacts for long term. Working indefinitely with excel spreadsheets will be chaotic and require more resources and efforts in the longer run. Also, the transmission of data from excel spreadsheets to the CRM system could get tedious. Salesforce is an ideal platform for a non-profit organization to begin their Automation journey in Donor Management.

With the help of Salesforce CRM, a non-profit organization can contact their donors, supporters, volunteers and internal staff without any errors. Salesforce acts as a tool that helps a non-profit organization build its own application on. The implementation of Salesforce CRM system is quite complex and may require technical assistance. This may discourage a lot of non-profits organizations to actually use a CRM. A non-profit organization can always take assistance from salesforce consultants or experts who are available locally to them. Salesforce provides its Enterprise Edition free for first 10 licenses with the Non-profit Starter Pack (NPSP) which was developed as an Open Source platform by Powerofus.org.

The Non-profit Starter Pack is popular amongst non-profit organizations of various sizes as it works on number of pre-defined functionalities making implementation easier. With NPSP, the non-profit organization can manage contacts, collect information about donations and donors, and monitor the relations between contacts, donors, contributions, volunteers which helps in recurring donations.

NPSP is suitable for any non-profit organizations which is small and is operated through a simple fundraising system, deals with various currencies, has lesser data, uses an existing salesforce product and is looking for a simple way to manage donors, grants, campaigns and events.

For a non-profit organization, the main benefits of using Salesforce as a CRM is flexibility. Since Salesforce is a platform and not an application, a non-profit organization can customize the platform based on their needs. Secondly, the cost of the licenses for the non-profit organization is heavily discounted. Moreover, a non-profit organization can contact any salesforce consultant or expert for any queries related to implementation, design, integration, end-user training, support and enhancement.

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