Why should my Nonprofit Organization use CRM software?

Every Non Profit Organization has their cause to focus on, any additional funds they acquire go towards these causes for a larger benefit. Spending money on Technology is looked at as a luxury.

So, everyone starts off with Excel Spread Sheets for all kinds of work. However, it neither gives all the information about your donors nor gives you the right decision-making insights.

Being a Non Profit Organization you have so much to do with minimal headcount. You are required to maintain a strong network of Contacts with donors, plus you spend time on designing email templates and writing requests for Grants from Government and other Similar Organizations. There is so much to do. Imagine how easy it would be if you can Automate your Targeted Marketing and scale up your reach without adding overheads! Being more organized may greatly help you perform better at and handle outreach in a way that comforts your organization’s supporters.

As a Nonprofit, your ultimate aim is to serve your cause by getting more Donors. This happens through Events, Campaigns, Emails or Direct Mails and Advertisements. All these can be automated with CRMs. You can get your lead and work them and nurture them until they get converted as a Donor. You will get more insights in every step.

We have seen many Nonprofits that have grown multifold because they adopted CRM and Marketing Automation during their early days versus the ones that took years to migrate from Excel Spread Sheets to CRM. Jeanne Honsaker – VP of Advancement, said: “Our 2016 year-end campaign exceeded the previous year’s by almost 400%.” Now you can imagine the power of using CRM.

Salesforce CRM which is worlds number 1 CRM gives the first 10 licenses free of cost for Nonprofits. This would be a great benefit for any Nonprofits Organization. You have to check if your Nonprofits is eligible for this program.

There are other Free Applications that run on the Salesforce CRM platform which are specific to your sector –

Non Profit Organizations can make use of free NPSP (Nonprofits Success Pack)
Higher Education based Organizations get free HEDA (Higher Ed Data Architecture)
Quickly apply for 10 free Salesforce license for Nonprofits and make use of Technology to Automate and target your audience at scale.

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