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Several Amazing Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular because of its cost-effectiveness, flexibility and optimal resource utilization with minimal management efforts. It doesn’t only help business to

Why Excel Sheets are Bad for your Business?

The convenience of MS Excel Spreadsheet overpowers the usage of any other app present in our systems. A survey to understand internal business communications identified one out of every five …

How to choose the Best Salesforce Consulting Firms

As a small or medium Business, it is difficult to have a dedicated resource with the expertise to handle CRM. It is only reasonable to choose a service provider with the required technical expertise

What is the best CRM for startups?

Before we compare the best CRMs available in the market, let us first talk about your CRM requirements. The expected ROI you can get from investing in any given CRM …

Salesforce Integration for SaaS Companies

Software products are either SaaS subscriptions or Licensed wherein SaaS subscribed Software products are as good as its integration with other Applications, or it becomes siloed with no data

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