Convert more Shoppers by implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud

AI-powered analytics for Mobile, Social, Web and Store.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Turns mobile traffic into maximum conversions
The site is faster. The user experience is better, and the conversion rate is better, Full stop.
Ken Kralick | Global Head of Ecommerce at PUMA
Switches to Salesforce sees immediate success
Salesforce enables us to connect with our customers authentically. To help them in every step of their pet’s life.
Beth McCormick | VP of Commerce and Customer Engagement Technology at PetSmart
Adidas stays a step ahead with Salesforce
The age of subpar performance in digital is gone, because the people who are now engaging in those experiences know what good looks like.
Joseph Godsey | SVP of Digital Brand Commerce at Adidas
Zivoke – By the numbers
Digital, Web, Store – Point of Sale
Zivoke helps you Convert more customers and grow your brand faster with better customer experiences
using Demandware – Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the world’s
leading ecommerce platform.
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Provide Fast, Flexible Order Fulfillment

  • Real-time inventory visibility and order lifecycle management across all channels

Free up your Time

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Refreshing User Interface

Apps which Users love and don't need training

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Future Proof

Scalability to meet Evolved Goals and Increased User Base

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Robust Architecture

Built on the Latest and Proven Technology

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Verified Testing

Stringent Performance Tested Applications

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Bug Free Flawless

Quality tested for bugs before release

Mobile based Features
Zivoke helps you take advantage of responsive Mobile ecommerce
– where lies the biggest retail growth.
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Manage Multiple Sites & Regions

With Unified Single framework - Launch and manage — brands, sites, geographies

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Personalise Merchandising

Build customer loyalty and increase conversion rates with AI-powered recommendations

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Social Extensions

Merge digital commerce with social channels like Instagram and Facebook

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Get Personal

Highly personalised product suggestions to every shopper with Einstein AI

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Extend Digital Commerce To Stores

Mobile access to digital inventories that stores can offer in real time

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Go Mobile

Responsive, data-driven design & one-touch payment for mobile commerce

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Optimise Conversions

Reduce abandoned carts with saved carts, optimised checkout and payment accelerators

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“Type Ahead” Guidance

Reduce abandoned searches with Einstein personalised search recommendations

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation

  • Borderless quick scalability
  • Revenue share licensing model
  • Development platform with RESTful APIs
  • AI-powered personalisation
  • Distributed order management – end-to-end view of order lifecycles
  • Buy online, pickup in store, Ship from store options
  • Campaigns, promotions and content management
  • Social integrations and Multisite management & localisation

Commerce Cloud





Convert more shoppers with AI-powered digital experiences for mobile, social, web and store
Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a highly scalable unified platform that can power all channels such as web, mobile, social, kiosk and store. Salesforce acquired Demandware, packaged it with its existing suite of products to provide a seamless Online and Physical Store experience to users – From shopping, to fulfillment, to customer service, Commerce Cloud delivers a 1-to-1 shopping experience with built-in predictive intelligence – Salesforce’s Einstein AI.
With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you have a comprehensive digital commerce solution along with a real-time POST and mobile-first approach. Extensive focus on mobile commerce as mobile is the #1 source of Digital Growth. The most popular configuration includes everything you need for end-to-end, unified commerce, but it’s also available as two stand-alone product lines — Commerce Cloud Digital and Commerce Cloud Store.
Zivoke being a leading Salesforce (Demandware) implementation partner has worked with customers at all sizes, can help you with your Salesforce (Demandware) implementation. Let’s talk.
Get connected to our Top Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultants for End to End implementation