Quick Facts – How Technology Evolved Over Time

Quick Facts – How Technology Evolved Over Time

Quick Facts – How Technology Evolved Over Time

Always amazed by the quick adoption of new Technologies by Startups. But the Enterprises take forever to move to the latest from the Market. For Obvious reasons the SMBs always have the edge of turning the ship inside the port.


Bulky Technologies have moved away from Mainframes and UNIX to x86 and Virtual Machines.


By Mid 2000’s the Virtual Machines Took over the World. Starting from VMWare GSX and VMWare ESX (Bare Metal). The Enterprises were relieved from the everlasting pain of Physical Servers. VMWare’s Mobility features like vMotion and Storage vMotion helped reduce space and cost multiple folds.


After the birth of Virtual Machines, it was easy to Build and Provision Workloads, with that came the need of Metering and Charge Back. Private / Hybrid Cloud adoption was rapid. Corporations were still struggling to move to Public Cloud, as it wasn’t clear how Strong the Security would be.


The BFSI sector in US moved towards Public Cloud followed by Health care and other Businesses which are more stringent on their Data Security Compliances. This paved way for all the other companies to adopt Public Cloud and thus gave birth to SaaS companies like Salesforce and other Cloud Companies for Iaas / PaaS Technologies.


Data became the New Oil – The invasion of Data Lakes and Data Science with Hadoop / MangoDB / Python etc. Every SMB company now had access to Big Data Technologies which were only accessible to the Enterprises till a few years ago.


Proprietary Block Storage being the most Expensive gear in a Data Center was getting replaced by Hyper Converged Computing like Nutanix and VMWare vSAN and helped term a new Jargon – SDDC “Software Defined Data Center”


Provisioning became easy with SDDC, which is now helping Automation at for Application Scale up and Scale Out – using Containers, Nano Servers, Kubernetes. Which is helping us move towards Infrastructure as a code.


More exciting days ahead. Lets hope and watch whats new to come. Do you know any other Technologies which are to be mentioned. Write to [email protected] or comment below.

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