How To Get 10 Free Licenses For Non-Profits From Salesforce.Org

How To Get 10 Free Licenses For Non-Profits From Salesforce.Org

Salesforce provides 10 free Enterprise Edition Licenses of Salesforce Sales Cloud – CRM to Non Profit Organizations, Higher Education and K-12 Education based organizations.

Non Profit Organizations can make use of free NPSP (Nonprofits Success Pack)
Higher Education based Organizations get free HEDA (Higher Ed Data Architecture)

First of all, you need to find out of if you are eligible to receive the Salesforce free licenses. You can check your eligibility here. Once you confirm your eligibility, head straight to and sign up for the Free Trial. The free trial needs to be taken first in order to get access to 10 Salesforce free licenses.

In the page click on “Get Started”
Scroll down to the “Salesforce for Nonprofits” section and click on “NPSP Free Trial”.

Salesforce free license plan

Fill the form to begin with your free trial.

The name and email entered here should belong to the system administrator.
Once you have started your free trial, you can log in and out of the platform.

Now, to apply to the program to get access to the 10 Salesforce free licenses and NPSP

Go to Power of Us Program Application page (click here) and login to begin the application. You need to create a login ID if you don’t have one.


There are 6 steps in the application process
Welcome: Log in
Readiness: Survey on Salesforce
Contacts: Straightforward answers
Organization: Enter the details
Upload: 501c3 pdf upload or proof of non-profit status is applied
Submit – review and submit

Important Note: Applications to the Power of Us program must be submitted within the 30 Day trial period.

Your system administrator will be notified with approval notice. The average turn-around time for approval is within two weeks. You can always contact Salesforce if you have any questions.

Not only will you get 10 free Enterprise Edition licenses from this program, it will also help not-for-profit institutions work more efficiently with the following benefits:
Deep discounts on additional licenses, products, training, events and/or services from Salesforce
Access to non-profit specific user groups, events and webinars
Once you get free licenses activated, find your local Salesforce developer who can implement Salesforce and Nonprofits Success Pack in line with your Business Processes. Click here to find how to find the best Salesforce Consultant for your line of business. You need to give all the information about your Business processes like how you get your Leads, how to work your leads, how you nurture your leads, how is Donor management done, how are donations managed, how are events and campaign management done etc.